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Overallavailable published epidemiologic studies of pregnant women exposed to sertraline in the first trimester suggest no difference in major birth defect risk compared to the background rate for major birth defects in comparator populationsSome studies have reported increases for specific major birth defectshoweverthese study results are inconclusiveSee DataThere are clinical considerations regarding neonates exposed to SSRIs and SNRIsincluding ZOLOFTduring the third trimester of pregnancySee Clinical Considerations

Yesthe generic version of Zoloft is known as sertraline and is sold in the U.S.

Birth defects and fetal harm are possible when Zoloft is taken during pregnancybut the risk is very lowThe drug may be transferred via breast milkThereforetalk to your doctor about the risks and benefits if you are pregnantplanning to become pregnantor are nursing before you take Zoloft.

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a zoloft is a medicine that treats depression, including accompanying anxiety and prevents chronic or first episodes of depression.

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